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:: DÉRIVE 1 ::

Franz Liszt - Nuages Gris
Salvatore Sciarrino – Perduto in una Citta d'acqoue
Giorgos Koumendakis – Fly
Giorgos Koumendakis – The Cormorant of Iannis Xenakis
Franz Liszt – La Lugubre Gondola II
Tristan Murail - La Mandragore
Morton Feldman - Palais de Mari
Franz Liszt - Unstern

From the romantic era onwards, the modern piano has been the artistic vehicle par excellence for personal expression, experimentation, application and demonstration of new composing concepts and techniques. Liszt especially, will turn the piano into an inexhaustible source of idiomatic sound colors and shapes of an unseen and unique variety. Contemporary music will further enhance and multiply these approaches.
The history of music tends to simplify the actual practice by categorizing the composing practices under general, broad almost exclusive aesthetic categories or schools. However, a closer look will convince us that this image is far from being the reality: 20th and 21st century music flourishes in numerous forms and metamorphoses that almost equal the number of composers or their best works.
The piano continues to occupy its place in the center of musical research, sometimes covered by the cloak of Protean transformations. Almost every major composer has contributed with important works to this repertoire.
The landscape of contemporary music is like a Metropolis of our times, or like a tropical forest. The variety in ideas, sounds, forms and shapes create rich acoustical ecologies that develop in a parallel way, interacting with a world that no simple, linear approach can describe. That is why our approach should also be different, as if we were anthropologists that come into first contact with cultures, without being aware of their complexities, or as if we were primitive man - collectors (bricoleur). Dérive is a journey in a complex landscape, guided by instincts and aesthetical standards, the continuous research and charting of the senses -the encounter ultimately of a completely new, surprising and authentic experience.
This Dérive is a journey to the universe of compositions and timbres for piano: from the deceiving immobility and the apparently intuitive structure of Feldman to the timbre radicalism of Sciarrino or the automated systems and the masterful brilliant virtuosity of Donatoni; from the search for a new “harmony” of the opposites and the dramaturgy of Koumendakis to the monism and post-structuralistic, scientific approach of sound itself by Murail, this project sheds light on one of the most enchanting aspects of contemporary musical creation.

Text: Anargyros Deniosos


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