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:: Vers une musique dite spectrale ::

Beginning with Berlioz and Cesar Franck, there is a continuous tradition of western-european music, mainly French, which in contrast to the more reputed central-european one and its emphasis on the note and the symbol, places more importance on materiality, the tangible reality of the sound itself. The spectral use of the octaves, the veils of sound, the nuances, the “en dehors” interpretation of Debussy, with the chords - timbres and chords – resonances of Messiaen, find their logical continuation in a music which places the natural phenomenon of sound in the center of artistic creation – in a radical dispute with the established paradigm, a music which, assisted by science, replaces the work from the field of relations and proportions to the primary level of perception and cognition.

Texts: Anargyros Deniosos


  • Franz Liszt :: Nuages gris
  • Salvatore Sciarrino :: Perduto in una Città d' acque
  • Paul Dukas :: Sonate in es-Moll
  • Tristan Murail :: La Mandragore
  • Franz Liszt :: La lugubre gondola II (Trauer-Gondel)


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